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  • Museums as Weight Loss Hubs

    January 21, 2023 By Lindsey Bellew 0 comments

    Museums are often associated with recreational activities such as strolling, learning, and sightseeing. A museum houses different artifacts and other expensive relics—conducting hard physical activities within its premises can be very risky. However, check this article below to find out more.

    The first thing you might think of when it comes to performing different exercises in a closed space is the ventilation and the number and kind of people you’ll be dealing with. Some museums open their doors to the public for physical activities on set schedules. Here are some of the museums you might want to visit to break a sweat:

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    This museum is where the tours conducted by artist and Illustrator Maira Kalman take place. The program is a collaboration between Monica Bill Barne’s & Company and MetLiveArts. There will be dancers and trainers that will motivate you to move and will serve as your guide throughout the heart-raising activity.

    Just imagine being a part of the crowd on that tour—focusing on your zen while enjoying the view of the museum’s collection—how awesome is that?

    New York’s Brooklyn Museum

    The NYB Museum has been conducting Yoga Classes for a few years now. They schedule it twice a month, and the program is sponsored by Flavorpill. Renowned Yoga teachers from all over the country are the ones that come over to the museum to teach relaxing weight loss methods through promoting flexibility and meditation.

    You may visit the museum at Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn to register and be a member of their yoga community. By being a member of their community, you get to enjoy the perks of free classes, and you’ll also be invited to be a part of various events in the museum.

    Victoria and Albert Museum

    The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the largest museum in the world that is dedicated to applied arts and design. This is also a go-to place for yoga enthusiasts.

    They have a monthly event for yoga classes and a guided tour of the museum’s valued collection. Ticket prices for this event can range from $10-$20.

    De Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum

    This museum located in Massachusetts features rotating exhibitions and innovative programming in its collections. Their indoor gallery is a fine collection of elegant sculptures and pieces of art.

    Their park is always open for yoga classes. There are also a lot of other activities conducted in the museum all year long—this includes nature tours, art classes, screenings, talks, and other events.

    Combining art and activity is a great idea to encourage people to work out. The ambiance of a museum can make a person feel deeply connected to the place and the history it holds. Also, who would not want to have an aesthetic background for their perfect workout poses? Museum workouts are fun and Instagram-worthy, and it’s one of the best weight loss methods you’ll ever get to experience.

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