Evocative Objects: Artifacts Unfolding Neighbourhoods - ROPFO

The artifacts that are included in the exhibition comprises objects that link us to the environment that we are currently living in. They make us one with our society and let us explore our culture. The artifacts will tell you a thing or two about Ottawa and how it is moving forward as a major city. Through this, we have discovered how the city has grown and became what it is today.

Lebreton Flats

This is the case that holds various artifacts that were found from one of the archeological locations of Lebreton Flats. It was known that the area has been through a rough patch in the past and was also a slum area during the 1960s.

Ballroom Chair

This specific chair is being used at one of the major rooms at the Rideau Hall and is often utilized when there is a ceremony for the Canadian Ministry. However, the chair is one of the many chairs which are also used for simple gatherings like dinner.

A Particular Flag

It was July 1st, 1967, when Morrison Lamothe Bakery was asked to make a special cake for the Queen for the centennial celebration of Canada. The massive cake was decorated with the Canadian Flag.


The film that was directed by Donald Brittain revolves around the different faces of bureaucracy or the system that controls society and how it is changing the game for the betterment of the community.

China Doll

During the 1930s, hundreds of Asian residents reached the area, which was later on called Chinatown. For this reason, there are various Asian stores that opened over the years. One of them is the Kwan family’s store which was eventually turned into an Asian eatery in the 70s. The karaoke nights they held every weekend is hosted by their glamorous China Doll.

A. McMillan Jewelry Store

The jewelry store’s most prized piece is the Model 500 Cash Register which was also the costliest product back in the days. They are also well-known due to the intricate and luxurious design of their pieces of jewelry.

Charlotte Whitton

Charlotte Whitton is also known as the first female mayor of Ottawa. Personal journals and letters were found after being hidden for more than 20 years. The journals have now been archived.

Mop and Bucket

A housekeeper named Andrew Wright worked as an employee at the Ottawa Mission for 26 years. The cleaning pieces of equipment serve as a memory of this hardworking man who has poured out all his efforts to serve and keep the place clean for a long time.

David & Yvon

These are two portraits that have a deep meaning to them and talk about the difference between being an elite and a normal citizen. The portrait depicts two people: one that is well-off and one that has been struggling as an addict. Pictures were shot by Tony Fouhse.

Why Should One Care?

Picture a two-toned stone sitting on a plank of the black rack. While it might look somewhat common, it has the power to bring out emotions and make viewers think deep thoughts as they ponder upon what it actually signifies.

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