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  • Heritage Day

    August 12, 2019 By Lindsey Bellew 0 comments

    Heritage Day is a national celebration that urges Canadian people to discover, reflect, and learn more about their roots, give back or lend a hand to the community, and visit places that reflect what the celebration is all about. People are also urged to visit local museums, historic structures, and the like. It is time to set the garden timer and leave the house to see the history of Canada.

    Heritage Day is celebrated and made possible to encourage Canadians to ponder and give recognition on the efforts and accomplishments of their predecessors as well as to take a vow to take responsibility and secure our heritage and culture.

    Commemorating this day is an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the participation of the volunteers and workers to promote the goal of conserving our heritage and letting the citizens know more about the rich history of our city.

    Various places like historical museums and ancestral souvenirs are an important part of our past that will benefit our generation to discover more about what life is back in the day.

    These celebrations are simply not to have fun and get to know like-minded people who would love to know more about our heritage, it is also a gateway to fulfill one’s desire to learn new things about our place.

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