How to Use Shirts for Fundraising?

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    How to Use Shirts for Fundraising?

    August 17, 2019 By Lindsey Bellew 0 comments

    Fundraising is one of the most fulfilling things a man can do in his lifetime. The idea and the goal of it are so selfless that even just trying to do it should already be applauded. The real challenge though is actually making it a success. It has birthed to so many ideas from so many people, and yet, one of the most common ones that have become a constant is using custom t shirts Canada. So, if you’re planning to have t-shirts for your fundraising event, here are some ideas on how to use it that may help you make your event a success.

    As Products

    In a fundraising event, the main goal is to raise enough funds to help those who are in need. People have tried selling various products and services to achieve this goal, and while most of those work, here’s why using t-shirts as products is a very smart move.

    People actually use it. It’s not like other souvenirs that people just buy and put on display, or worse, keep in a box.  If a person wants to spend his money wisely, a t-shirt may be one of the things that he would likely purchase. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone; he gets to have something that is actually useful to him while helping others.

    As Giveaways

    If you’re hosting a big fundraising event, t-shirts can serve as your giveaway instead of the main product. People like to have a reminder of anything good that they did. It’s not being boastful; it’s human nature. As a thank you, you can give t-shirts to each and every person who participated in the event in any way that they could.

    To Spread Awareness

    Fundraising events are usually swamped with people. So, this is a really good chance to spread awareness. If there is anything that you would like to shed some light on, you can print it on the t-shirts that you sell or give away. It can instigate a topic that some people may not even be aware of in the first place.

    To Make a Stand

    Just like how you can use t-shirts to spread awareness, you can also use them to make a stand. Have some custom t-shirts for people attending the event. It’s true that some of these people may not completely agree with what you stand for, but if they are at the event, chances are they already support it too. If in case they don’t, there’s nothing wrong with explaining to them the reasons why you believe in what you stand for. Who knows, you might even convince them to support it too.

    To Show Support and Unification

    The beauty of a fundraising event, aside from actually helping the ones in need, is that it’s a time when people with different backgrounds come together to support one cause. While gathering alone already makes an impact, wearing the same shirts while you do leaves an even more impressionable effect. It truly is unity.


    T-shirts for a fundraising event may sound too simple and overused to some, but what matters here is that you get the message across. So, don’t be discouraged; get those custom t-shirts ready as soon as possible, and make your fundraising event a success.

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