Guest Posts Welcome

Becoming a part of our team at ROPFO as a contributory writer can help you share your knowledge and expertise in everything about Franco-Ontarians, thereby establishing you as a prominent thought leader in your field.

If you’re interested in writing for us, check out our guidelines to learn how.

What We Cover

At ROPFO, we value any information, expertise, or insights you can provide to our readers about the Franco-Ontarian heritage. So, we’re not too strict about what you submit, as long as it’s related to the history, culture, and legacy of the Franco-Ontarian heritage.

Guidelines for Submission

Word count must be at least 1,000 words and relevant for our readers.

Only a maximum of 2 self-promotion links can be included – one to your site, the other to your preferred social media platform. Helpful resources can be linked as well, but please avoid overdoing it.

Break down everything with subheadings, bullets, and paragraphs to make the content more reader-friendly.

All published submissions cannot be published elsewhere, not even your own blog.

If using images, make sure you use copyright-free images only and cite the source.

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