• High School Curriculum
    May 19, 2020 By Lindsey Bellew 0 comments

    No matter how different we may feel in front of other people, we can’t deny the fact that somehow we all are interrelated. One way or another, we share a common denominator with other individuals same as the mathmatics test prepararion grade calculator. Cultural heritage is one of the things that makes us feel like we belong somewhere. No matter how far off we wander, our culture is always engraved in our individuality.
    However, it is sad that schools often neglect the richness of culture. It’s usually thought to be non-academic aspect which is why some schools do not…

  • Shirts for Fundraising
    August 17, 2019 By Lindsey Bellew 0 comments

    Fundraising is one of the most fulfilling things a man can do in his lifetime. The idea and the goal of it are so selfless that even just trying to do it should already be applauded. The real challenge though is actually making it a success. It has birthed to so many ideas from so many people, and yet, one of the most common ones that have become a constant is using custom t shirts Canada. So, if you’re planning to have t-shirts for your fundraising event, here are some ideas on …

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