3 Reasons Why Cultural Heritage must be in the High School Curriculum

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    3 Reasons Why Cultural Heritage must be in the High School Curriculum

    May 19, 2020 By Lindsey Bellew 0 comments

    No matter how different we may feel in front of other people, we can’t deny the fact that somehow we all are interrelated. One way or another, we share a common denominator with other individuals same as the mathmatics test prepararion grade calculator. Cultural heritage is one of the things that makes us feel like we belong somewhere. No matter how far off we wander, our culture is always engraved in our individuality.

    However, it is sad that schools often neglect the richness of culture. It’s usually thought to be non-academic aspect which is why some schools do not offer a subject that would tackle it to high school students. But, it should not be always this way. Calculating grades should not only be limited to subjects like Math, Science, English and whatnot. Educators should realize that this too is significant and below are the reasons why.

    Develops Understanding

    High school students are at the peak of their development. They require to understand so many stuff so they would learn appreciating things. Thus, helping them understand their culture will make them appreciate it more and even be one to continue the legacy.

    The more teenagers appreciate culture, the more likely they are going to preserve it for future generation. This will also help them see through the connection of the past and the present. It will allow them to look at the world in another perspective.

    Creates a better Future

    The only way we can shape a more harmonious future is by honing it in the present. If we teach our students about this subject as early as now, they will carry on pleasant traditions. Learning about what has shaped us into this kind of living will only cease to be understood if we stop teaching it to our students.

    There are so many positive aspects along cultural heritage that deems to be preserved. Some of which would be art, literature, concepts, beliefs and even values. The world is moving a little too fast and it’s nice to leave a part in us that will remind us where we came from.

    Builds Connection

    Do you know that the easiest way to connect with other people is through culture? The world is filled with distinct heritage, it is interesting and scary at the same time. But, knowing that there are other people out there whom we share the same belief with, is a relief.

    Those we share similar views, values and characteristics are the same people we feel most comfortable with. It connects us to other people in a very wholesome way and we should not take that away.

    Calculating grades for cultural heritage may sound silly to others, but we cannot deny the fact that this is somehow a part of us worth exploring. The more we help the young ones understand the significance of culture, the more we can restore it. Although, some proofs of rich history in topography have gone down in drain along with wars, attacks, and disasters, we must at least relive it. That way, we could protect our common identity for as long as possible.

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