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  • Exploring Lower Town Homes

    Once you walked through the neighbourhood, you will see brick houses. This might cause you to ponder what their history is, whose family lived in it first, and when did they build it. A lot of people who are fascinated with history are interested to know about these things, so we appreciate the people behind House History Ottawa who made it possible to research some of the historic homes from Ottawa.
    Marc Lowell and David LaFranchise of House History Ottawa are exploring the roots of the old houses from Ottawa for many years now. With this, they have been kind to impart some of the information to us from the years of their …

  • Art Galleries and Museums

    There are different places you can go to if you want to explore and know more about the city through art galleries and museums.
    Art Galleries

    The Museum of Contemporary Art is now in the famous Tower Automotive building where they currently occupy the first five floors. The museum aims to rekindle the love for the art scene by introducing new art from different artists.
    The Tom Thomson Art Gallery is displaying classic and memorable local art pieces.
    The Algoma Art Gallery boasts of local art from their artists.
    Aboriginal or indigenous arts are showcased at the Woodland Cultural Centre …

  • Evocative Objects: Artifacts Unfolding Neighbourhoods

    The artifacts that are included in the exhibition comprises of objects that link us to the environment that we are currently living in. They make us one with our society and let us explore our culture. The artifacts will tell you a thing or two about Ottawa and how it is moving forward as a major city. Through this, we have discovered how the city has grown and became what it is today.
    Lebreton Flats
    This is the case which holds various artifacts that were found from one of the archeological locations of Lebreton Flats. It was known that the area has been through a rough patch in the past and was also a slum area during the…



  • Defining Heritage and How to Identify your Cultural Heritage

    When you hear the word heritage, many ideas might come in your mind. Experts from Online Tutoring Mastery said that several definitions of heritage are used by different people in online tutoring, as well as in other areas of gaining knowledge. Heritage is usually used to refer to a unique way of life and inherited family identity in aspects such as traditions, values, artifacts, and cultures. Heritage is passed from one generation to another.
    People get associated with the heritage that makes their family unique. Nevertheless, they are not embedded in hereditary aspects but …

  • 3 Reasons Why Cultural Heritage must be in the High School Curriculum

    No matter how different we may feel in front of other people, we can’t deny the fact that somehow we all are interrelated. One way or another, we share a common denominator with other individuals same as the mathmatics test prepararion grade calculator. Cultural heritage is one of the things that makes us feel like we belong somewhere. No matter how far off we wander, our culture is always engraved in our individuality.
    However, it is sad that schools often neglect the richness of culture. It’s usually thought to be non-academic aspect which is why some schools do not…

  • How to Use Shirts for Fundraising?

    Fundraising is one of the most fulfilling things a man can do in his lifetime. The idea and the goal of it are so selfless that even just trying to do it should already be applauded. The real challenge though is actually making it a success. It has birthed to so many ideas from so many people, and yet, one of the most common ones that have become a constant is using custom t shirts Canada. So, if you’re planning to have t-shirts for your fundraising event, here are some ideas on …

  • Heritage Day

    Heritage Day is a national celebration that urges Canadian people to discover, reflect, and learn more about their roots, give back or lend a hand to the community, and visit places that reflect what the celebration is all about. People are also urged to visit local museums, historic structures, and the like. It is time to set the garden timer and leave the house to see the history of Canada.
    Heritage Day is celebrated and made possible to encourage Canadians to ponder and give recognition on the efforts and accomplishments of their predecessors as well as to take a vow to take responsibility and secure our heritage and culture….

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